A Crown Can Repair a Damaged, Decayed or Imperfect Tooth

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A dental crown in Seguin, Texas, is a nearly perfect replica of the enamel layer of a tooth. Here at Tier One Dental, our dentists, Dr. Brett McCown, will routinely use it to address a number of issues.

Tooth decay tends to be the most common problem crowns are used to address. If advanced decay has penetrated deep into the tooth, it might also need a root canal in advance.

At the same time, a crown can be used to restore a tooth that has been chipped, fractured or cracked in the tooth enamel. The damaged tooth enamel could quickly harbor bacteria and tooth decay, resulting in a very serious cavity.

In other instances, you might have tooth imperfections like chips, stains or past dental work. An unappealing tooth in your smile can often be restored with a porcelain crown. The particular material that your dentist recommends for the crown will be based on the tooth’s primary function in your mouth and its appearance in your smile.

Crowns made from base metals and gold alloys are very durable, making them a good choice for premolars and molars. If a premolar happens to be visible in your smile, then your dentist might recommend fitting it with a porcelain crown that is fused to a strong metal core.

If you have one or more teeth that need restoration for any reason, you should call Tier One Dental at 830-372-2852 to see if a crown is needed.