Can You Really Fill a Cavity Without a Drill?

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High on most people’s list of things they don’t like about the dentist is the drill. Whether the sound sets your teeth on edge or the feeling of it in your mouth makes you queasy, many people dread the drill. At Tier One Dental we want you to be as comfortable as possible, so we use an air abrasion drill in many of our filling treatments.

Air abrasion is a quieter, gentler alternative to a normal dental drill. It works in much the same way as a sandblaster, shooting tiny particles in a concentrated burst of air onto the surface of a tooth. It blasts away areas of decay less invasively, and often, less painfully. This means that for many filling procedures, shots and anesthesia are not necessary. So if you also dread needles as well as drilling, micro air abrasion kills two birds with one stone. Dislodged material is suctioned away with a small tube.

Also of great benefit, micro air abrasion allows more of the healthy tooth structure to remain, and causes less of the fracturing and chipping that can sometimes result from traditional drilling. If less tooth structure is affected, your tooth retains more of its natural strength.

Don’t let a fear of dental drills keep you away from getting proper treatment for cavities. Micro air abrasion can help restore teeth with less pain and discomfort. To learn more about air abrasion or to schedule an appointment at Tier One Dental, call our Seguin, TX, office today.