How Do Teeth Benefit from Dental Sealants?

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Are your teeth at an increased risk for tooth decay and cavities? There are many factors that can cause your teeth to fall in harm’s way when it comes to oral ailments. Age, eating habits, diet, diseases, daily habits, oral hygiene, genetics, environmental factors, and hormones can all affect your risk of developing tooth decay. Fortunately, dental sealants can protect your teeth for many years to come.

Dental sealants use special gels to protect your teeth. The gels are hardened to your teeth with a specialized light source used to add an additional layer of protection. According to the CDC, also known as the Center for Disease Control, children are at much higher risk for cavities than others and are three times more likely to develop cavities if they don’t have sealants.

Sealants even work to prevent harmful acids from eating through tooth enamel. The risk of tooth decay in molars can be reduced by as much as 80% with a dental sealant. Children as young as 6 can safely get dental sealants for their first set of molars. A normal dental sealant will last for over a decade.

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