Restorative Treatment Can Repair Advanced Tooth Decay

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Many patients don’t seek treatment for a cavity until they experience severe symptoms that require invasive dental treatment to repair. While conservative dental care such as a dental filling is often sufficient for the early stages of a cavity, when tooth decay goes untreated for too long, it may require one of the following options for restorative dentistry:

– Dental crowns: These dental restorations may be needed to repair large areas of tooth decay that have left the tooth too weak for a dental filling.

– Root canal treatment: Tooth decay results in the spread of bacteria, which can eventually reach into the tooth’s pulp chamber, affecting the tooth nerve and the blood vessels and causing you serious dental pain. You could also develop an abscess that requires the use of root canal treatment as a last resort to prevent the need for tooth extraction.

– Tooth extraction: A tooth that is too badly damaged to benefit from restorative dentistry may be removed. While it is always best to save a tooth when possible, our team will choose the most efficient option to preserve your oral health.

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