Smile Therapy: Enamel Erosion Treatments

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One of the common ailments that can arise in regard to an individual’s oral health care is enamel erosion. Enamel erosion has numerous causes which can slowly deteriorate your smile. This is because harmful acids will eat through your tooth enamel and leave you susceptible to cavities and eventual tooth loss. In order to keep your smile safe, set forth and establish an effective enamel-erosion prevention plan.

Enamel erosion is one of the leading causes of tooth failure because once your enamel is breached, bacteria can enter a tooth and damage your pulp. Exercise caution with numerous risk factors that produce enamel erosion, including foods that contain substances such as sugars and starches. These ingredients can be broken down by plaque in your mouth into harmful acids that cause dental erosion. Several risk factors for dental erosion include acid reflux disease, genetic predispositions, and medications that produce dry mouth.

Always exercise caution when dental erosion is present. Furthermore, to help treat dental erosion, you should always set forth an effective plan of brushing and flossing daily. This includes brushing twice daily and flossing once a day as well. To help reduce additional saliva in your mouth, try chewing sugarless gum. Another common saliva-producing substance is chewy and crunchy foods that are high in water. Saliva can help to neutralize acids in your mouth and prevent enamel erosion.

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