Extractions in Seguin, TX

Extraction refers to removing a tooth or teeth from your mouth. At Tier One Dental, teeth can be extracted for several reasons, such as impaction, severe decay, infection, or as a preventative measure to prevent future crowding. Once the tooth is removed, you may need a replacement to fill the space left behind. The replacement can either be a dental implant or a dental bridge. Restoration can significantly improve your appearance and give you a complete, healthy smile again.

The Reason for Extractions

The most common reason for an extraction is because the tooth is broken beyond repair, leaving the tooth with a severe crack or cavity that can’t be repaired with fillings or crowns. Other reasons include wisdom teeth that are impacted or decayed and causing pain. 

In some cases, an extraction can even be considered preventive treatment if a dentist believes it is best to prevent the issue from progressing. When decay penetrates deep into the tooth, it may begin affecting the nerves and blood vessels. The only option at this point is to remove the entire tooth. A lost tooth can weaken your bite and cause shifts in your remaining teeth. Your smile may be altered in terms of aesthetics or function as well.

If the teeth are overcrowded, some may need to be removed to allow the rest of the teeth more room to move about freely. In orthodontic treatment, a tooth may need to be removed if it blocks the path of other teeth and prevents the orthodontist from moving them to their correct positions. With orthodontics, the goal of an extraction is to make more space for your teeth to line up correctly. In some cases, tooth extraction is necessary to achieve that purpose.

The Procedure for Extractions

Before we begin your extraction, we will numb your mouth with a local anesthetic. We may use sedation if you are feeling anxious about the procedure. Once you are comfortable, we will use an elevator to loosen the tooth from the socket. Next, we will use forceps to remove the tooth gently. Sometimes, we may need to break the tooth into several pieces and then remove it piece by piece. Once your tooth is extracted, we can place gauze in your mouth to help stop the bleeding. We will also instruct you on what to do for the next few days and provide you with pain medication to take home. 

After the extraction site has healed, a follow-up appointment may be scheduled to place a dental implant or perform another restorative dentistry treatment. This is to help restore the tooth gap.

If you are concerned about the cost of an extraction, it is essential to remember that skipping treatment will not save you money in the long run. To learn more about the benefits of extractions, visit Tier One Dental at 279 TX-46, Seguin, TX 78155, or call (830) 372-2852.


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