Stop Cavities With a Dental Checkup

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A common sign of cavities is a dental pain, a result of the tooth decay invading the tooth enamel. If you aren’t visiting your dentist regularly for dental checkups, your cavities may go undetected until they reach below the tooth enamel and affect the network of tiny nerve endings within the tooth. We encourage you to visit the dentist every six months to detect cavities while they’re in the early stages.

At Tier One Dental, our dentist carefully examines your smile for signs of tooth decay or gum disease so that they can treat cavities when they are tiny and minimally invasive, and therefore less expensive. Don’t wait until the decay has advanced and resulted in the need for large dental fillings, root canal treatment, or a dental extraction.

Common signs of a cavity include:

– A tooth with a throbbing or sharp pain
– Pain when biting down or chewing
– Tooth sensitivity when you inhale cold air or consume cold, hot, or sweet beverages
– A lost dental filling
– A chipped or fractured tooth
– A dark area on the tooth

To treat tooth decay, our dentists may need to fill the hole left by the cavity with a dental filling, as well as cover any fractures or cracks in the tooth. We can stop the cavity from advancing when you schedule a dental checkup in Seguin, Texas, by calling Tier One Dental at 830-372-2852. Dr. Samuel Henry, Dr. Brett McCown, and Dr. Jacob Johnson are here to help you with your oral care needs!