What is Your Flossing Style?

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If you value anything your dentist tells you, pay extra attention to the flossing part of your daily tooth care. Don’t kid yourself by thinking it is any less valuable then brushing after every meal! Flossing helps you clean the spaces in between your teeth that harbor bacteria and food particles where your toothbrush just can’t reach.

This not only helps your teeth feel clean but also makes your breath smell fresh as well! Also, ridding your teeth of food particles helps keep your gums from getting irritated and inflamed. So flossing helps not only your teeth but your gums as well.

There are a few ways for you to incorporate this crucial tooth care into your routine. Perusing your grocery store dental section will reveal floss on sticks (floss picks) and floss on a spool in flossing containers. Floss can be waxed or unwaxed, scented or unscented, thick ribbon or thin string.

The advantage to floss picks is that they are pre-threaded and can easily reach the tight spaces in the back of your mouth where your molars reside.

The floss on a spool types allow you to pull out a good size (18” is recommended) and then use a new part of the string for each tooth. This helps to keep bacteria from a tooth being deposited in another tooth.

Water flossers are a bit of a bigger investment, but are extremely thorough in cleaning between your teeth. They don’t have the convenience of flossing while you are away from home, but a good rinsing at the end of the day will clear out anything that may have accumulated during the day so you can go to sleep with a clean mouth.

Whatever method you decide on for your flossing routine is not crucial, but finding one that lets you do it daily is! This single habit will go a long way to ensuring you keep your smile healthy and bright for years to come. Please call us if you have any questions about your oral care! 830-372-2852.