Why You Should Utilize Your End of Year Dental Benefits Before the New Year

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If your dental health insurance starts over in January, now is the time to utilize your benefits. Our Tier One Dental team in Seguin, Texas is happy to help you get the preventative oral care you need, including dental cleanings and exams.

This works in your favor, as preventative care improves your oral health while being good for your budget as well because most insurances pay 100% for preventative treatment. And fall is the perfect time to maximize your dental benefits by getting your smile ready for the upcoming busy holiday season and treating any underlying concerns. When you come in to receive your end of year cleaning and exam, you can expect the following:

-Your oral cavity will be examined and your teeth and gums evaluated thoroughly by your dentist and hygienist. We will also review your overall health in addition to any medicines you are taking for your health.

-You will receive a thorough cleaning and polishing of your teeth.

-You will receive an oral cancer check-up.

-Any oral hygiene questions or concerns you have will be addressed. This includes any conditions found during your exam.

-You may have x-rays taken of your mouth. Typically these are done once a year unless there is a dental condition that requires more.

-If the examination reveals that you have any dental conditions requiring treatment, we will work with you to receive the care you need. This may mean referring you to an oral specialist, additional diagnostics, or returning for dental fillings, crowns, or other restorations before the year ends.Samuel S. Henry, DDS

Our dental specialists, Dr. Samuel Henry, Dr. Brett McCown, and Dr. Jacob Johnson look forward to helping you maintain your smile health in Seguin, Texas all year round!